Top Players on NFL’s List for 2021 (Infographic)

National Football League 2021 has set the bar high for this year’s season by giving sports fans the list of promising players in the game, and sports fans are on it to get information and increase their winning odds in Sports Betting Kenya.

The NFL list is sometimes or most of the time downloaded by fans to keep it handy for Betting Kenya purposes. Fans check on the list daily to create a betting strategy anytime and anywhere until they’re ready to place bets in Live Betting Kenya.

As for the promising players of this year’s season, read on the information we have below:


Football fans favor this quarterback (QB) player because of his superb throw in the last NFL season: 450 yards, 3x in a season. This is a first in NFL history done in three consecutive weeks.

Dak Prescott is currently a QB playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Despite his ankle injury in 2020, he is still the second-highest-paid QB in league history and is again ready to field throw as he is now fully recovered.


This wide receiver (WR) in the NFL list is talented, but the fact that a great offensive team surrounds him makes him shine all the more. Allen Robinsons is considered one of the best in his time. In last year’s league, his receptions were long plays over the middle of the field—and sports fans look forward to him do it again on the football field.


Fans bet on safety football player Justin Simmons as he finished last season’s league with 96 tackles and five interceptions. Simmons’ game performance as a safety served as an excellent defense for his team, making him the highest-paid safety in the Broncos.

Not only is this man a superb player, but he is also an active player in his community and favored by young people for his off-field community engagements.

Take a look at this infographic to know more about these promising players for NFL 2021.



Top Players NFL List of 2021