Things To Know About Calibration Power

Man in Black Jacket and Black Pants Standing Under Vehicle

Calibrated Power Solutions Inc., or Duramax Tuner,  is a data driven, market leading tuning business that you have probably heard about. They are dedicated to providing high-quality engine calibration power that represents the best mix of reliability, drivability, and power available within the performance automotive aftermarket.

Duramax Tuner keeps their edge by encouraging innovation. They drive and verify results by employing staff with expertise, who are equipped with the best tools in the business. They view themselves as prompt and reliable professionals who deliver. This tuning business aims to establish a nationally recognized standard in the market for product quality as well as service delivery.

So, why exactly is the calibration process important?  Calibration is important since it helps ensure accurate measurements, and the accurate measurements are foundational to the quality, safety as well as innovation of most products and services that use and rely on a daily basis.  Very few people realize the critical role as well as importance of calibration in their daily lives.

Engine calibration power alters a vehicle’s engine parameters to align with the way that vehicle is used. The end result of this process result is a vehicle that works more cost-effectively and efficiently, meaning  lower fuel costs, greater productivity, improved safety, longer vehicle life as well as a better bottom line.

While fleet vehicles accomplish a wide range of job-specific tasks, mass-produced vehicles appeal to a wide range of buyers for various uses. So, when you purchase a vehicle, you need to make alterations to that vehicle to make it align with your needs. A good example would be adding custom tires, GPS/telematics systems, safety features, ladder racks, and safety features such as reverse warning functionality, strobe lights, and light bars.

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