Removing Old Window Tint in 6 Quick and Easy Steps

Many car owners window tints to tweak their car styles and provide privacy. But replacing it will cost a lot, so many owners keep their window tints for as long as possible. However, bubble formations and discolorations will appear over time, indicating that the window tints already need replacement.

Fortunately, tint windows in Providence, RI, is there for excellent quality services in the area, offering you the best products at the best prices possible.  If you are too busy or are on a tight budget at the moment, you can remove the old window tints yourself. All you need are razor blades, dishwashing soap, soft cloth, spray bottle, water, and glass cleaner.

When all materials are ready, you may proceed by following these simple instructions.

Cut a small portion on the corner of the film layer

Make a small, precise incision on the corner of the film using a razor blade. Avoid cutting too deeply on the window or windshield to avoid scratches.

Peel the film off gently

Start peeling the window tint slowly from its corner. If the film does not peel off in one piece, you can use the blade while lifting the edge of the film and resume peeling it off entirely.

Spray a soapy solution on the windows

Mix the dishwashing liquid and water on the spray bottle until it is soapy. Once done, start spraying the parts of the window with leftover adhesive.

Let it sit and soak

After spraying, let it sit and soak for a while to give it enough time to soften up the adhesive, making it easier for the next step.

Scrape the left adhesive

Use the razor blade again to peel off the remaining adhesive. Keep scraping gently and ensure the glass is wet enough to avoid scratching the window. Spray more soapy mixture when it gets dry, and repeat the process until all the adhesive is removed.

Clean the windows

Once done, use the glass cleaner or the soapy mixture to clean the windows. Remember, never use ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaning products to avoid scratches.

Removing an old window tint is an easy task to do. But always be careful to avoid unnecessary scratches to keep your new window tint smooth and perfect.

If you are too worried that you might do it the wrong way, Window tinting in Columbus, GA, will be an ideal choice if you are looking for window tint installation assistance.