Top 5 Most Loved Window Tint by Customers

Besides blocking heat, window tinting in San Antonio TX has other advantages for your car. Some of these benefits are: Increased privacy, blocking harmful UV rays, and Reducing auto theft. Let’s take a closer look at each one. This article will provide you with additional information on window tinting. The most significant benefit of window tinting is that it reduces auto theft and benefits your safety. Also, it can reduce your insurance premiums, which means more money in your pocket!

Reduces risk of auto theft

A good film for a car’s windows is a great security feature to have, as it can reduce the visibility of a vehicle to thieves. Because it makes the glass more difficult to break, thieves avoid cars with clear windows. Thieves prefer to steal cars with dark tinted windows, so a good security film can help protect you while driving. The same principle goes for car windows in public areas.

Increases privacy

If you are wondering how window tinting in Riverside CA improves the appearance of your home, you should check out the different kinds of decorative film available. There are even films that mimic etched glass. They increase privacy, but they can also reduce interior reflectivity and reduce glare. There are also numerous benefits to window tinting for your home, including eliminating the fishbowl effect. Decorative window tinting also enhances natural lighting.

Blocks harmful UV rays

Automotive glass usually blocks out all the UV rays, but some still reach us inside our vehicles. Most people are unaware that window tinting can also protect us from the rays. Automobile glass is often treated to block UVB rays, but this type of protection isn’t adequate for side windows. Fortunately, window tinting provides an SPF of around 16 for your vehicle’s windows.

Reduces heat gain

Getting window tinting for your car is a great way to lower your heating and cooling costs while keeping the interior cool. Window film works by blocking out up to 65% of solar heat and preventing your windows from absorbing glare. This can also save you money on fuel as the heat from the sun will not reach the car’s interior. This will also reduce the heat inside your vehicle and keep you and your passengers more comfortable.

Enhances aesthetics

There are several reasons to invest in window tinting. In addition to aesthetics, window film also helps protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun’s UV rays are detrimental to our skin, stimulating premature aging and causing skin cancer. While blinds and curtains can block sunlight, window tinting helps to block the sun’s rays while still allowing natural light to enter your home.

In case you need to learn more about window films and what they do, you check out this infographic from Kepler: