How to Choose the Right Window Tint Percentage For Your Car

There are many people who have wondered how to choose the best window tint percentages for their cars. There are various percentages allowed depending on where you live. Understanding these laws is important before you apply the window tint.

First, ensure that you hire a professional to install the film. Installing the film yourself will result in poor quality and a faulty installation. This could result in legal problems or tickets. It is better to trust professionals who will ensure the film looks great, and that it stays in place.

A high VLT percentage does not necessarily mean the film is darker. It is still possible to choose a higher VLT percentage. This will make it more opaque and block out harmful UV rays. It will keep the interior cool, while blocking sunlight which will make it more difficult to see outside.

It is important to take into account your individual needs. You can reduce your UV exposure if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, darker shades will increase privacy and reduce glare. You can also select a specific tint color based on your preferences.

Window tint can be applied in a range of 5% to 90%, depending on your preference. The darker the tint, it is the lower the VLT. A 50% tint will give you partial darkness. It blocks half of the UV rays and light, which reduces eye strain and glare. You can also opt for a 35% tint which will give you some darkening but still be visible. Its sleek design is why this tint is so popular with drivers.

The right percentage of window tint for your car is critical to your safety, health, and value. You might not know how to choose the right tint percentage for your car windows if this is your first time in car tinting. There are some guides that will help you determine the best tint percentage for your car.

It’s crucial to know which tint percentage is allowed for your car. The laws of each state will determine the percentages. Georgia, for example, requires that windows let at least 32 percent of light through the car. However, tinting can only be applied to six inches of the windshield. Window tinting shades are also determined by visual transmission levels. A higher percentage will let more light into your vehicle.

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