Safely Harvesting Rainwater for Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your home is fun but can be expensive and time-consuming. Besides cleaning dirt, algae, and chemical balancing, you must also consider where you source your water. Filling your pool is perhaps the costliest aspect, but you can cut back on costs with the help of a rainwater harvesting system.


Is Rainwater Harvesting for a Swimming Pool Possible?

You might wonder how collecting rainwater for a swimming pool is possible. After all, rainwater may be too unclean to dive into, but with the right equipment, you can safely utilise it for bathing,

To fill your pool with rainwater, you need a pool pump. Pool pumps pull water out of the pool and into heating, treating, and filtering equipment. The water returns to the pool clean, healthy, and slightly warmer.

Pool pumps are necessary to ensure you and your family swim in clean water, essential when considering using rainwater. You can also add a chemical treatment for added purification if needed.


How to Harvest Rainwater for a Swimming Pool

There are probably many places where rainwater gathers around your house. One of the biggest accumulators is your roof, which lets the water flow down the gutters and into the drain. Instead of letting them go to waste, use all that rainwater for better purposes.

Installing a harvesting tank for storing rainwater can help you collect as much as possible for your swimming pool. Rainwater tanks may be located under or above ground and are connected to pipes to supply commercial buildings and households with water. 

You can choose many different types of rainwater tanks for your swimming pool. While expensive, many underground and concrete tanks can regulate pH levels when rain becomes acidic. 

Meanwhile, a poly tank is an affordable option that can aid in balancing pool levels more sustainably. These tanks are also very robust units capable of withstanding degradation.


Purchasing Rainwater Harvesting Products in Australia

Your swimming pool may be the largest consumer of water in your home. 

Think about it – due to evaporation, people splashing, and the constant backwashing, your pool loses hundreds of litres down the drain. It’s wasteful and it does not help that evaporation rates increase during summer.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can conserve water without sacrificing the pool. Installing efficient rainwater harvesting and filtration systems can significantly reduce your bills while still allowing you to have fun swimming. 

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