Pros and Cons of NFC Tags

Pros and Cons of NFC Tags – Infographic

Near Field Communication technology, or NFC, is increasing in popularity as more businesses adopt the technology for different purposes. Companies use NFC tags to streamline operations, improve security and serve as Digital Business Cards. They also provide benefits for specific customers.

In addition, private individuals use this to automate their homes, make contactless transactions, set kitchen times, call numbers for emergency calls, and share media. NFC technology has many uses. It is flexible enough that people can find different services depending on their specific needs. Because of its versatility, many people are drawn to NFC technology and sometimes will forgo QR or Quick Response technology.

You can reprogramme NFC-writeable devices to change their data using an NFC-writeable device. This technology is far superior to QR codes, which require the user to take a picture of a legend and use a smartphone application to read the information. Instead of linking to a website, NFC tags can be programmed to send contact information, video, files, or even an email.

To reprogramme NFC tags, you first need to find the NFC reader. Once you have found one, you need to ensure the device you use has NFC capability. NFC tags have a small chip that uniquely stores information and identifies an object or device. After the tags are programmed, they communicate with nearby NFC-enabled devices. You can either physically re-program the NFC tag to read or write data to it, depending on the type of NFC device.

If you’re planning on using NFC cards for marketing, you’ll want to make sure you can re-program them without having to recreate them. The problem with these tags is that they tend to become quite expensive, especially if you’re planning on running an extensive campaign. The best solution is to invest in a low-cost passive NFC tag. This way, you can update their data as often as you like.


To know more information, here is an infographic from NFC Tagify.

Pros and Cons of NFC tags